I am a French PhD researcher in Physics at the University College London, currently investingating exoplanets atmospheres. My PhD is funded by the UK Space Agency and the European Research Council in the contexte of the Ariel Mission from ESA. The mission aims to build a 1m space telescope dedicated to characterize the composition of these extrasolar worlds and is planned to be launched in 2028.

Research Interests

My current research interests include:

  • Characterization of exoplanets and their atmospheres: composition, temperature profiles, dynamics.
  • Retrieval and Machine learning methods.
  • Space sciences: space missions, humans in space.
  • Fundamental Physics and Mathematics


Email (preferred): quentin.changeat.18 [at] ucl.ac.uk

Quentin Changeat
UCL Department of Physics and Astronomy
Gower St, Bloomsbury
London WC1E 6BT